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Do I Need to Get My Wisdom Teeth Removed Before Orthodontic Treatment?

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To maintain the effects of braces or Invisalign, patients having orthodontic treatment will probably wish to explore wisdom teeth removal at some time. When wisdom teeth erupt irregularly, they are routinely removed. A crooked bite might be the consequence of misaligned wisdom teeth, which can also cause other teeth to move. A tooth that only partially bursts through the gum is said to be impacted. 

Take your child to the orthodontist if they develop wisdom teeth. They will closely inspect their smile and, depending on their findings, provide the appropriate advice. You generally won’t need to worry about wisdom teeth in younger children since they often erupt in late adolescence or the early 20s. The easiest method to determine if braces are appropriate for a member of your family is to make an appointment with your orthodontist. They may then create a customized treatment plan that includes useful details like treatment duration and cost.

Many parents and teenagers are concerned about how their wisdom teeth may influence their smile. The question of whether or not to delay getting braces until after your wisdom teeth are removed might arise since the majority of individuals do not get their final set of molars until they are 17 or later. The quick answer to this question is no; you shouldn’t wait to get braces until after having your wisdom teeth removed or even until they emerge.

When ought I to have my wisdom teeth removed?

Each patient will experience wisdom tooth extraction at a different time. In certain circumstances, having this operation done before starting orthodontic treatment may be appropriate. In certain cases, wisdom teeth removal may be postponed until you have completed using Invisalign or have had your braces taken off. It is possible to have your wisdom teeth removed while wearing braces in certain circumstances.

At the right moment in your treatment plan, your orthodontist might recommend an oral surgeon to you for a consultation about wisdom teeth extraction. Remember that there are more factors to take into account when deciding when to get your wisdom teeth removed. For instance, it is advised that individuals have their wisdom teeth extracted before the age of 25, since it is simpler to do so on younger people, who also recover from the treatment more rapidly.

After getting braces, would wisdom teeth make my teeth crooked?

Research has revealed that pressures from wisdom teeth are so negligible that they have no impact on movement or the results of orthodontic treatment, contrary to popular belief. In actuality, not using the recommended retainers causes teeth to shift following braces treatment.

Your dentist will have you fitted for a retainer to be worn for at least two years after your braces are taken off. You must wear retainers as directed by your dentist since they are intended to prevent your teeth from moving.

Advantages of wisdom tooth extraction

Extraction of impacted wisdom teeth provides additional advantages for your oral health in addition to maintaining your teeth’s proper alignment. These teeth are vulnerable to infections and abscesses since it might be difficult for patients to keep that region clean. They are also more prone to getting tumors or cysts. You may prevent these complications of impacted wisdom teeth by having a preventative extraction.

The choice to delay getting braces until the eruption of the wisdom teeth is ultimately a personal one. Just keep in mind that wisdom teeth won’t damage the alignment of teeth that have already been straightened, but improper retainer use may. Tringas Orthodontics can assist if your self-conscious about your smile or if it is resulting in oral health problems and tooth discomfort.

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