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The Forsus is a fatigue resistant device worn by the patient in order to correct a patients bite by moving the upper teeth back and the lower teeth forward.  Using a spring, this appliance allows the jaw to grow into a a proper bite.  It is worn anywhere from 4 to 8 months, or as prescribed by Dr. Tringas.

Carrieré™ Distalizer

The Carrieré Distalizing appliance is a fixed appliance (non-removable) that provides a simple procedure for turning complex Class II cases into a Class I platform.  The true advantage of using the Carrieré™ is in conjunction with Invisalign® cases, allowing Dr. Tringas bring a superior smile result for patients who prefer to utilize Invisalign®.  The patient’s result is superior than it would have been with Invisalign® alone, as it allows Dr. Tringas to ensure a complete bite correction, while still providing the patient the means to elect straightening and correcting their bite without braces.


The Herbst appliance is used when there is an asymmetry of growth between the upper and lower jaws, where the is “underdeveloped” and has poor forward projection.  

It works by positioning the lower jaw forward which creates a different muscle pull modifying jaw growth via forward pressures the lower jaw and backward pressure on the upper jaw.