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What To Do About a Broken Brace Bracket?

What to do about a broken bracket

Eating hard, gritty, or sticky foods is the most common cause of a broken bracket. To prevent a break, always make sure to consider what you eat before you eat. Long-term time savings may be achieved by spending a little amount of time each day chopping meals into smaller pieces or substituting foods that are not advised for braces. Parents may need to take time out of work and children may need to miss school if an emergency trip to the orthodontist is needed to mend damaged braces.

A mouth impact while playing sports is another factor that might damage braces. When participating in contact sports, always wear a mouthguard. If your teeth have shifted and the mouthguard isn’t fitting correctly, talk to your orthodontist about getting a new or replacement mouthguard. Injuries to the mouth or damage to braces may also result from rough play.

Food may sometimes get trapped in braces and between teeth. You may need to contact your orthodontist to clean in between your teeth if you are unable to remove the particles by brushing or using a piece of floss. Using a toothpick might cause the bracket to fall off or damage the wire. Brushing regularly enables teeth to shift into the desired position as instructed by the braces. It might be difficult to move when food is continuously lodged between teeth.

What Does a Damaged Bracket Look Like?

You’ll have little trouble identifying a damaged bracket. The bracket will slide or move along the arch wire rather than remaining fixed to your tooth. The bracket may also rotate sometimes. The majority of the time, a broken bracket glides about and remains on the arch wire. One of the brackets at the rear may fall off the archwire and into the back of your mouth if it is damaged. There’s no reason to fret right now. Simply remove the bracket from your mouth if this occurs.

What Should I Do If a Bracket is Broken?

There are various home treatments you may use if you have a broken bracket to help it feel better and get rid of any pain. Put some wax on top of the bracket to stop it from moving around and fasten it to the tooth. This should stop the bracket from shifting and end any irritation or aggravation. You may attempt to cut the lengthy archwire with some fingernail clippers if it is poking you from one of the rear brackets. Small archwires are the greatest choice for this technique.

How Long Can a Broken Bracket Be Used?

There is no immediate need to have a broken bracket repaired if it is not uncomfortable. Typically, your treatment won’t suffer if you wait a few days or even weeks to get it fixed.

You should speak with your orthodontist clinic if you are in pain or have concerns regarding the bracket. The majority of orthodontic clinics will schedule appointments throughout the day for bracket repairs, and they may schedule an appointment for you within a few days. Broken brackets are not an emergency, and they don’t need to be corrected right away. Until you can schedule an appointment, pain may be relieved with wax or sugar-free gum.

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