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The Purpose of Early Orthodontic Treatment?

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What’s the Purpose of Early Orthodontic Treatment?

Although orthodontists generally believe that many orthodontic issues are best handled after all permanent teeth have come in, early treatment may be advantageous for certain patients if their issue has the potential to worsen over time. Early therapy aims to stop the condition from worsening, remove the root of the issue, direct the development of the jaw and face bones, and provide enough room for the movement of permanent teeth. After all permanent teeth have come in, a patient may need a second round of therapy to align the teeth optimally.

There are several ways to get early orthodontic therapy. In order to achieve the desired results, the orthodontist may prescribe a permanent or removable “appliance,” which is a tool used to reposition teeth, alter the position of the jaw, or retain teeth in place. Appliances are not always essential. Instead, removing a few baby teeth could promote better spacing of the permanent teeth. The timing of the extractions will be coordinated to maximize a patient’s potential for growth and development.

Timing of Treatment

The timing of orthodontic treatment is very important and is influenced by several interrelated variables. Early intervention may or may not be advantageous for the case depending on the patient’s stage of development, the kind of malocclusion, the anticipated length of therapy, and the degree of patient compliance.

Treatment Goals

The final line is that certain orthodontic issues may be simpler to fix if they are discovered and addressed early, regardless of how treatment objectives are attained. Correcting certain issues may be more challenging if you hold off until all of the permanent teeth have come in or until the facial development is almost finished.

What Does an Orthodontist Look for When Assessing if a Child Requires Early Orthodontic Treatment?

The flat teeth at the rear of the mouth known as first permanent molars are often examined by your child’s orthodontist. Your orthodontist will have the chance to look for a growing malocclusion. Additionally, they will look at any newly emerging incisors to check for issues including crowding, deep bites, crossbites, and open bites.

Early Orthodontic Treatment Benefits

In some situations, early orthodontic treatment has several advantages. The most significant advantage would be the removal of harmful environmental elements that interfere with the proper growth and development of face and dento-alveolar structures, such as non-nutritive sucking habits or functional mandibular changes. If unaddressed, functional problems develop into skeletal problems as the patient ages. When treating skeletal problems in adolescents, fixed appliance treatments are sometimes far more demanding and require longer to provide the desired results.

In the event of a local dento-alveolar issue, such as the early loss of a primary molar, additional advantages include the avoidance of unintentional tooth movement or the correction of the alignment of a drifting molar. The amount of accessible arch space for premolars decreases if untreated. Early orthodontic intervention prior to the emergence of the second molar eliminates the need for more involved orthodontic therapy throughout the teenage years.

Early orthodontic treatment of abnormally protruded upper incisors may sometimes increase the patient’s self confidence and lessen the chance of harm to those teeth. Young patients are most likely aware of their protruding upper incisors or have been made aware of them. This group adheres to the treatment requirements the best and becomes very driven as their look improves.

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