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Getting braces off! What to expect

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Fortunately, getting braces taken off is easier and faster than getting them put on; the whole process often takes about an hour. Your orthodontist will first remove your braces from your teeth all at once, often leaving the archwires in place.

Then the orthodontist will softly pinch the underside of each bracket with specialized pliers. This breaks the link between the brackets and your teeth created by the sticky glue.

Furthermore, your orthodontist will use a specialized polishing tool to remove any residual bonding adhesive from your teeth after gently removing each bracket. During this cleaning procedure, which typically lasts ten to fifteen minutes, be prepared to experience some light vibrations.

A digital scan or custom mould of your teeth will be obtained after they are thoroughly cleaned so that a fixed and/or removable retainer may be manufactured just for them. Your teeth’s alignment is maintained by the retainer.

You’ll get a thorough care plan outlining how often you need to wear your retainer when you go in for the retainer insert appointment. The key to maintaining your straight teeth over the long term is to wear your retainer as instructed by your orthodontist.

Does it hurt to take your braces off?

While getting your braces taken off won’t hurt, it could feel a bit uncomfortable. When your orthodontist or oral health therapist squeezes and removes each bracket from your teeth, as well as when they remove any remaining bonding adhesive while cleaning your tooth enamel, you can expect to feel some minor pressure.

What happens if braces are removed too soon?

The desire to have your orthodontic treatment end as fast and painlessly as possible is very normal. But the process of realigning your teeth with braces is gradual and painless. You may not get the optimal bite or dental alignment if you were to persuade your orthodontist to remove your braces early. Meaning? You can find yourself starting again. Patience is a virtue while receiving orthodontic treatment, in this situation.

Can you remove the top braces before the lower ones?

Please refrain! Your braces on top and bottom work together to carefully straighten your teeth and improve your bite. Why? Because your gums and jaw play a role in your mouth’s overall health as well as your teeth’s alignment and bite. When you think of orthodontic treatment as a whole-mouth procedure, it doesn’t make sense to remove your top braces before your bottom ones. Therefore, we do not suggest it.

What should I eat now that my braces are off?

Whether its a energizing crunch of a fresh carrot or the gratifying burst of popcorn, once your braces are taken off, everything is back on the table. Just keep in mind to take out your new retainer before you eat, and then indulge in any foods you choose!

You must make your routine appointment with your orthodontist for a checkup, scale, and clean. At these sessions, your orthodontist will also examine your fixed retainer. Your fixed retainer should not give you any issues if it is cleaned and maintained properly. The fixed retainer should be checked up by your orthodontist if it breaks or gets loose.

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