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My Dentist Offers Invisalign, Should I Go to Them?


It’s uncommon to locate a dentist who will offer their patients traditional braces. Only orthodontists typically fit metal and ceramic braces. However, there are other methods available for straightening teeth. One of the best-known and most effective is Invisalign. The question is, “Do I need to find an orthodontist? Or, can a general dentist install Invisalign?”

Orthodontists and general dentists both provide Invisalign treatment. It’s beneficial to learn how Invisalign functions and the best method for selecting a provider before scheduling an appointment with either professional.


What it Means to Provide Invisalign Treatment

Regardless of the type of dental professional providing them to their patients, all Invisalign alignment trays are made solely at an Invisalign lab. The dental or orthodontic office performs the 3D imaging, which is then forwarded to the business for processing. In addition to the trays, the Invisalign team develops a special treatment plan for the patient.

An orthodontic specialist or general dentist must first become a Certified Invisalign Provider before they can start offering Invisalign to their patients. They are instructed on the use of the product and how to administer it to patients. The doctor will visit patients for checkups throughout their treatment. Their education will enable them to evaluate the patient’s development and identify any issues that might develop as the teeth erupt.

A professional’s rating after certification is determined by the number of Invisalign cases they have handled. A dentist with more expertise on any of the eight levels is given a VIP designation. The system allocates one of eight categories, ranging from Bronze to Diamond Plus. A dentist’s or orthodontist’s rating rises in direct proportion to how many people they assist with Invisalign.

The majority of orthodontists are aware that after the first set of aligners, a second set of refinement aligners are required. Once again, the 3D intraoral scan is advantageous in this situation. After getting a fresh scan, a new plan and new aligners are ready to be used to improve on the preliminary findings within a few weeks. This happens often in orthodontics, when the orthodontist assesses what the patient wants from their treatment plan, and what is necessary at any given time to move toward the objective.


Orthodontists or Dentists: Which is Better For Invisalign?

A dentist is a medical professional who manages your teeth’s overall health. An orthodontist is a doctor who, after graduating from dental school and becoming a dentist, spends an additional three years in graduate school to specialize in and gain knowledge in the proper use of braces to straighten teeth. More importantly, they learn about how to do this in a safe and predictable way.

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