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Dental Cleanings Are Important With Braces


When you wear braces, it’s crucial to continue seeing your dental hygienist and dentist on a regular basis. Your dentist is your primary source of oral care. In fact, when you wear braces, we advise changing from every six months to every four months for your dental exams and cleanings. To ensure the effectiveness of your orthodontic treatment, you have to work closely with your dentist and oral hygienist.

Everyone should practice proper dental hygiene, but patients receiving orthodontic treatment should pay particular attention to it. Your misaligned teeth may be fixed with braces or clear aligners, but they can also retain food particles more readily. This implies that brushing your teeth is more difficult than normal. However, just because you are receiving orthodontic care does not exclude you from maintaining excellent dental hygiene. Just a little more time and effort will be needed.

Why It’s Crucial To Get Frequent Cleanings While Wearing Braces

Your risk of developing cavities rises when you wear conventional braces. This is due to the fact that you have a harder time cleaning your own teeth, getting in between your teeth, and getting around brackets and wires. Plaque, tartar, and an elevated risk of decay will all develop when there is a buildup of food debris. Keep in mind that your dental enamel is eaten away by the bacteria that causes cavities, and enamel does not regrow.

Our goal at Tringas Orthodontics is to straighten your smile and fix your bite. However, your dentist and their oral hygiene team will examine your teeth and gums, assist to enhance their health, and treat any cavities if they are found. If oral health problems develop while you are receiving orthodontic treatment, regular dental cleanings and checkups will assist to both prevent and cure them.

In addition to cleanings, dentists are your main source for oral care. This implies that a dentist will most likely make the first diagnosis of any issues you have with your teeth, mouth, or jaw. Your dentist has the greatest opportunity of identifying any issues early and making suggestions for your treatment if you maintain good dental hygiene. While orthodontists are experts in tooth alignment, dentists also provide other procedures including fillings, crowns, gum care, and tooth extractions.

Your dental hygienist can prevent problems from occurring, and your dentist may assist in treating those that do. Cavities develop as a result of tartar buildup, which is very hard to eliminate at home. This may be readily removed by your dental hygienist, lowering your chance of developing cavities. By including your dental team in your orthodontic treatment, you may have an attractive, straight smile as well as a healthy one after your braces are taken off.

When Receiving Orthodontic Treatment, How Frequently Should Dental Cleanings Be Performed?

It’s important to realize that having braces increases your risk for gum disease and tooth decay. Because of this, it is strongly advised to have a comprehensive dental cleaning performed every three to four months while you are in the active period of your orthodontic treatment. Depending on circumstances including how well at-home oral hygiene routines are maintained, a patient’s inherited sensitivity to cavities, etc., certain people may need even more regular cleanings.

Consult Professional Care

In addition to seeing your orthodontist, make sure you continue to get expert treatment and visit a dentist often. Your dentist will check the condition of your teeth, provide regular cleanings, and administer any necessary preventive treatment. Therefore, be careful to maintain excellent dental hygiene. After you finish your orthodontic treatment, your smile will reward you. You’ll be able to beam with pride and enjoy fantastic outcomes for many years to come.

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