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Caring for Braces and Invisalign

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Are you looking at the best ways to take care of your teeth after getting Invisalign or braces as part of your oral aftercare? At Tringas Orthodontics we provide tips on how to take care of your Invisalign or braces both inside and outside of your mouth since both procedures need commitment. The removable aligners used in Invisalign treatments must be adjusted and changed every two weeks. Because the aligners are removable, it’s crucial to keep them clean and well-maintained during your treatment to get the best outcomes.

How to Clean Invisalign Aligners

Give your Invisalign aligners some extra care each time you brush your teeth to keep them clean. However, since you only wear your Invisalign aligners for a week or two at a time, you’re often on to a new set by the time they need a deeper clean. By simply washing your aligners with lukewarm water and a soft-bristled toothbrush, you may easily clean the Invisalign trays. 

Before and after handling aligners or other equipment like retainers, be sure you wash your hands. Cleaning these aligners twice a day is recommended, usually just after brushing your teeth. Avoid running them under hot water, since this might distort the plastic. Always remove your aligners before eating or drinking to prevent the possibility of unintentional distortion or discoloration. Often, these simple precautions are all that are required to maintain the Invisalign aligners’ perfect condition.

Using a special floss threader, you may floss while wearing braces by getting the floss under the wires. With Invisalign, flossing doesn’t change your pre-treatment regimen in any way. Simply remove your clear aligners, give them a quick rinse, and put them back in their carrying case. Then, take a floss string and gently floss each tooth.

Comfort Care Advice for Invisalign & Braces

Broken Bracket: You may slowly move the bracket off the wire if it is at the back of your mouth. After wiping the wire dry with a tissue or piece of gauze, break off some orthodontic relief wax, warm it up between your fingers, and apply it to the wire so that it won’t cut your skin. If there is a lot of extra wire left behind, it may be very delicately cut using nail clippers sterilized with alcohol before being covered in wax. You may cover the bracket with wax if it is in the front or center of your mouth to prevent irritation.

Poking Wire: If your wire is poking you, delicately push it out of the way using a fresh pencil eraser or a clean cotton swab. To prevent it from sticking, wrap it with wax. Again, if the piece is really lengthy, you may need to use nail clippers to cut it if required.

Sensitive Teeth: You shouldn’t have too many issues with sensitive teeth. But if you do or if your braces are irritating you, gargle with some salt water frequently and repeat as needed. Any troublesome spots may be covered with wax. You might also try sticking to soft meals and room temperature beverages.

We hope that everyone is doing well and that these braces and Invisalign recommendations will help you take care of your dental health!

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