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Why Do An iTero Intraoral Scan?

Intraoral Scan

Why Do An iTero Intraoral Scan?

Utilizing the most recent advancements in optical technology, the iTero Intraoral scanner is able to digitally record the anatomy of teeth and gums. Once the scanning procedure has been initiated by Tringas Orthodontics in Lake Nona, it can be paused and restarted an unlimited number of times as required. Intraoral scanners are straightforward to use and just need one person to run them. Because of how easy they are to use; dental practitioners are able to get productive outcomes.

iTero Intraoral Scanners Are Effective in Designing Physical Dental Models

Dental experts may accurately design physical dental models for restorative procedures such as crowns, veneers, and implants with the assistance of intraoral digital images. In addition to this, they assist orthodontists in correctly diagnosing orthodontic issues and coming up with effective treatment strategies. The wand on intraoral scanners is moved around a patient’s mouth by a dental expert while they examine the patient’s oral cavity. The iTero Intraoral scanner takes pictures at a rate of hundreds of frames per second. 

These still images are then stitched together to provide a three-dimensional visualization of the patient’s mouth. Because the wands on iTero intraoral scanners are more compact than those found on earlier intraoral scanners, these devices are able to scan molars located in the rear of the mouth, which were previously impossible to access. Dental practitioners at Tringas Orthodontics with smaller intraoral scanner wands are not constrained by the range of motion that their patients are able to exert in their mouths. When compared to more traditional kinds of scanning equipment, the patient will be less likely to gag when using the little wands.

Real-Time Digital Dental Pictures

Display screens are also found on intraoral scanners. These screens show the digital dental pictures being acquired by the scanner in real time. Prior to the scan being stored and sent to the laboratory, the displays indicate whether or not the scan was successful. Orthodontists who, in the past, have received delayed reports from the lab have found that this function has been a great time-saver. Since intraoral scanners give immediate feedback, both dentists and their patients can save time and avoid frustration.

iTero Intraoral Scanners Have An Open Design

iTero Intraoral Scanners, in contrast to many other intraoral scanners, feature an open design. This compatibility with the Invisalign System, including its Invisalign Outcome Simulator, is one of the benefits of using an iTero Intraoral Scanner. After scanning the patients’ mouths using an iTero Intraoral Scanner, dental practitioners at Tringas orthodontists in Lake Lona may demonstrate to their patients what the outcome of their Invisalign treatment will be. Because of this technology, patients are better able to anticipate what will happen to them and have a higher level of confidence in the diagnostic and treatment plan that has been prescribed for them.

As a direct consequence of this, our Invisalign aligners are fabricated and sent back to your orthodontic practitioner in a more expedient manner, which enables you to begin treatment in a shorter amount of time. Because the iTero Intraoral Scanning Technology is open, orthodontists may also submit the scan data to any laboratory of their choice in order to create retainers and other dental appliances. Retainers are used to strengthen your treatment after you have completed the Invisalign procedure.

iTero Intraoral Scans Make Effective Invisalign Treatment Plans

By using iTero Intraoral Scans, orthodontists are able to generate more effective Invisalign treatment plans for the patients they serve. This results in fewer aligner rejections. These findings might be explained by the fact that iTero Intraoral Scanners enable Tringas orthodontists at Lake Nona to monitor the development of their patients more effectively. Orthodontists can more accurately assess patients’ progress with Invisalign thanks to periodic scans taken during the treatment process. 

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