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What Happens at Your First Orthodontic Visit?

Visit a Orthodontist

At Tringas Orthodontics we’ll give you a brief tour of our facility and introduce you to our orthodontic experts during your initial consultation. We will evaluate you and provide you with oral imaging. Then, a personalized treatment plan will be developed to take into account your unique requirements. We urge you to learn more about insurance and funding alternatives, as well as any concerns you may have regarding your treatment plan.

Let’s Discuss the Steps in Detail

We will meet you upon arrival and give you a brief tour of our office since we want to ensure that you feel comfortable working with our staff. 

You will be asked to fill out documentation about your medical history by a member of our staff. It will also tell us when you last had x-rays, when you last had a meeting with a specialist, and any past problems you may have had or are currently experiencing. 

Dr Tringas or Dr Tang will examine your whole dental profile. This helps us identify when you had x-rays taken, when you last saw the dentist, and more. They will take into account all of this information as well as your general medical history before making a diagnosis.

One of our orthodontic professionals will assess your needs during your examination using cutting-edge 3-D scans, x-rays, and visual inspection. This data is used to guide our planning for your stunning smile. Our orthodontists may identify concerns that might not have been noted in your records by doing an oral examination. For instance, you could have a cavity that has to be filled and that needs to be done before braces are placed.

We’ll then decide on possible treatment options to give you a new smile. Based on your budget, expected outcomes, and duration of treatment, we can determine which plan is ideal for you. This therapy strategy could start with dental concerns being fixed. To address the issues, you must make an appointment with your dentist. The course of therapy also specifies the approach that will provide the best outcomes and how long it will take to accomplish them. The treatment plan is a crucial component of the consultation since it clarifies for the patient what to anticipate from the actual treatments they will be receiving.

We want to be certain that you fully understand the treatment plan before moving forward with it. We welcome your questions and would be happy to answer any concerns that you may have as well as discuss with you any possible alternatives to consider. As an added bonus, we’ll provide some useful resources for you to study at home. Our staff will examine your insurance and go through affordable payment methods. To make treatment expenses more reasonable. 

We at Tringas orthodontics will set up the next meeting after your first consultation to start your treatment plan. We are eager to get to know you and support you as you begin your quest for a straighter smile.

Call us at 407-876-2991 for an appointment or visit Tringas Orthodontics at our Orlando location in Lake Nona where we also serve St Cloud residents. We are located at 13250 Narcoossee Rd, Suite #100, Orlando, FL 32832. Our Windermere office, where we also serve Dr. Phillips, Winter Garden, Metro West and Ocoee, is located at 422 Main St, #2, Windermere, FL 34786.

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