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Tips to Help Prevent Tooth Staining

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Numerous common meals and beverages may discolor teeth. One of the advantages of scheduling frequent visits with a dentist is that they can expertly eliminate unsightly stains. Although these suggestions might lessen tooth discoloration, nothing can ever entirely remove it. Even if we properly follow the advice given below, your teeth will eventually grow dull with old age. 

Ways to Avoid Stains

Use a straw 

By using a straw, you may minimize the contact that colored drinks have with your teeth. To prevent further discoloration of your teeth, think about using a straw while drinking things like coffee, tea, and soda. Even while you may not appreciate a superb red wine this way, you can nevertheless restrict your exposure. Drinking using a straw lessens the quantity of liquid that contacts your teeth and the length of time that liquid spends on them, which lowers the risk of discoloration.

Drink water

Water will aid in washing away stain causing foods and drinks. While eating and drinking these colored foods and beverages, take frequent sips. Sugars may accumulate on the surface of your teeth after drinking sugary drinks like soda or juice. These carbohydrates fuel the plaque-forming bacteria, which then secrete damaging acids on your dental enamel and cause tooth decay. However, drinking water helps to wash away food particles and germs that may otherwise damage your teeth. 

Drinking water is an excellent strategy to maintain your teeth’s white appearance. Numerous meals and drinks, such as coffee, alcohol, tomato sauces, curry, and even citrus fruits, may cause unsightly stains on your teeth. If you sip on water in between bites or sips, it could assist in the removal of the residue off your teeth before it has a chance to discolor the enamel.

Eat fresh and crunchy food

Foods that are crunchy, like apples and carrots, exfoliate your teeth and help to naturally eliminate stains. Unfortunately, a lot of the things we eat on a regular basis will eventually discolor our teeth. Avoiding coffee drinks, green tea, dark berries, soy sauce, sugary beverages (particularly dark colas), cranberry juice, and red wine is advised if you want to keep your teeth white. These foods and beverages all have certain qualities that might damage your tooth enamel and leave stains behind.

Interdental Cleaning and Tooth Brushing

Brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing at least once a day is the most efficient technique to stop stains from settling in. You have a lower likelihood of leaving stains on your teeth if you brush and floss consistently and on a regular basis. Rinse the food from your teeth after each meal. Take a sip of water, rinse and repeat. An electric toothbrush will clean your teeth much better than an old school manual toothbrush (though nothing is wrong with a manual toothbrush). Plaque removal, however, is more a function of how well you brush than of the toothbrush you’re using. Mouthwash is an excellent choice for rinsing, and remember to consider using an antibacterial mouthwash because it will lessen the plaque that attracts stains.

Eliminate tobacco use

Your teeth will get discolored whether you chew it or smoke it. Health hazards should also be taken into account. Your doctor may give you tips on how to quit. One of the worst things you can do for your dental health is to chew or smoke tobacco. Numerous studies have shown how smoking damages your gums and teeth by preventing natural healing, increases your chance of developing gum disease, and promotes oral cancer. From a purely aesthetic perspective, even a few months of cigarette smoking may cause your teeth to become yellow, and years of regular smoking can cause them to turn brown. Consult a doctor for advice on how to stop smoking if you smoke and are dissatisfied with the way your smile looks.

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