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Poking Wire! How Can I Fix it At Home?

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In the pursuit of a healthy, beautiful smile, addressing orthodontic issues like teeth crowding, flared teeth, teeth protrusion, and achieving a normal bite are essential. At Tringas Orthodontics, our expert team, including Dr. Schuyler and Dr. Tringas, specialize in these concerns with leading orthodontic solutions in Windermere and our Lake Nona office, which proudly serves the St Cloud area with orthodontic excellence. Our comprehensive approach ensures each patient receives personalized treatment plans tailored to address their unique needs, whether it’s managing teeth crowding for improved dental health, correcting flared teeth for a harmonious smile, rectifying teeth protrusion for enhanced functionality and aesthetics, or establishing a normal bite for overall oral well-being.

One particularly annoying issue with braces is protruding wires. On your gums and cheeks, they may lead to ulcers, minor cuts, and abrasions. The first step in solving this issue is to lessen pain, and the second is to mend the wire. While there are some DIY solutions for prickly wires, you should always follow up with a visit to your orthodontist. Most of the time, your orthodontist will want to clip any lengthy wires that are poking you or repair any damaged wires.

How to Fix a Pokey Wire

Your lips and gums may sometimes get irritated by arch wires and ligatures. It’s preferable to have Dr. Schuyler or Dr. Tringas can take care of your issues with pokey wires. In the event that this is just not feasible, we have some advice to assist you to temporarily correct the pokey wire and feel more comfortable until your subsequent orthodontic session.

Wax for Braces

You ought to have gotten wax along with your braces. Wax is typically the safest and most efficient way to find comfort and prevent mouth cuts from wires, so if you have a pokey wire, you should try it first. The best course of action is to brush your teeth to ensure that the wire itself and the region where you will apply the wax are both clean. After brushing, ensure the area surrounding the wire is dry and that your hands are also clean. You may always dry the region around your mouth so that it isn’t moist with a Q-tip or some gauze. Roll a little piece of wax into a pea-sized ball using only fresh, untouched wax. In the dry part of the mouth where the wire is sticking out or irritating you, apply the wax.

Pencil Eraser

You could sometimes experience pain from a thinner wire sticking out of your mouth. If this is the case and wax does not appear to work, you may gently bend the wire back into a more comfortable shape for your mouth using the eraser end of a pencil. Use a pencil with a fresh eraser, please. Pulling your cheek away from the region will allow you to gently push the wire under or behind the archwire, as well as closer to your teeth. While the archwire itself may or may not benefit from this technique, thinner wires may. The ligature wires on your brackets (where the bands go) that are irritating your lips or gums may also be pushed in using a pencil eraser.


To re-insert arch wires that have come loose from the molar bracket, use tweezers. Tweezers may be used to correct this if it occurs on the rear teeth. You may need an adult’s assistance with this. You will be placing the tweezers in your mouth, so make sure they are clean before using them. With the help of the tweezers, gently reposition the wire’s end into the bracket slot. Wax may be used to hold the wire in place until your subsequent orthodontic visit once the wire has been firmly reinserted into the bracket slot.

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Having problems with a poking wire, teeth crowding, flared teeth, or seeking to achieve a normal bite? Call Dr. Schuyler or Dr. Tringas at 407-876-2991 or visit us online to schedule a free consultation at our office in Windermere or our office in Lake Nona, where we also serve St Cloud residents with orthodontic excellence. We are located at 13250 Narcoossee Rd, Suite #100, Orlando, FL 32832. Our Windermere office, where we also serve Dr. Phillips, Winter Garden, Metro West, and Ocoee, is located at 422 Main St, #2, Windermere, FL 34786.

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