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What Can and Can’t Invisalign Fix?


Depending on the dental analysis, some people may be eligible for Invisalign treatment for the following conditions.

Uneven Teeth

Invisalign is a solution if you want to align your smile.


Some foods might be challenging to chew and bite into if you have an overbite. Will Invisalign correct an overbite? Yes, there are instances when teeth may be moved using Invisalign so that they line up correctly when your mouth is closed.


When your lower teeth are in front of your upper teeth, you have an underbite, which may affect your speech and accelerate tooth wear. Is an underbite treatable with Invisalign? Yes, the lower teeth may be shifted back using Invisalign so they naturally occupy the space behind the front teeth. In severe circumstances, braces and Invisalign may be used together, although Invisalign may not be an option in all instances with an underbite.


Your teeth may crack, wear down, and even have gum recession as a result of a crossbite, which occurs when certain upper teeth occlude lower teeth rather than sitting outside of them. Can Invisalign correct a crossbite? Invisalign may often be used to address a crossbite and reposition misaligned teeth into their proper positions.

Uneven Teeth

You have a spacing problem if there is a space between two or more of your teeth. Food becoming stuck between teeth and gums in this extra area may lead to gum disease and discomfort. While gaps may be filled with Invisalign to provide a healthier mouth and more attractive smile, there are limits to how much space can be filled in.

Wide Bite

By shifting the upper and lower teeth into the proper positions so they shut properly, Invisalign may repair an open bite (where the top and lower teeth don’t connect).

Tooth Crowding

Crowding is the term for when there is not enough space in the jaw for all of your teeth, causing them to overlap and twist. Because there is less room between teeth, food may get caught there and plaque and tartar can accumulate, which can lead to gum disease and tooth damage. 

Issues Invisalign Can’t Fix

The limits of Invisalign are similar to those of any medical device. The following are some issues that Invisalign cannot treat:

Severe Overbite or Underbite

An overbite occurs when the top teeth protrude further than the bottom teeth. The reverse is an underbite, when your bottom teeth stick out farther than your top teeth. Invisalign may not be effective in situations of severe overbites or underbites. Metal braces are needed in these situations to correct the problem.

Rotated Teeth

If teeth are packed together, they may rotate in their sockets. Rotated teeth may often be corrected using Invisalign. Invisalign won’t function, however, if a tooth rotates greater than 20 degrees.

Large Gaps

While Invisalign can successfully fill minor gaps between teeth, it sometimes struggles to do so with larger ones.

Extrusions and Intrusions

A patient’s teeth may sometimes need to be shifted up or down. With Invisalign, this process, also known as an incursion or extrusion, cannot be fixed. Instead, you would need conventional braces.

Midline Movements

A few individuals’ front teeth don’t line up with their midline (the imaginary line down the middle of the face). A midline disparity of 2mm to the left or right per arch may be addressed with Invisalign, but anything more requires braces.

Very small teeth may prevent patients from using Invisalign since the aligners will not fit properly. Additionally, prior dental procedures, such as dental bridges, might make using Invisalign more difficult. Additionally, patients for Invisalign with cavities or gum disease must take care of such conditions before beginning the procedure.

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