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Should I wear a Mouthguard When I Play Sports?

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Should I wear a Mouthguard When I Play Sports?

Mouthguards act as a kind of “crash helmet” for your teeth and jaws by keeping them from completely closing, which may lower the risk of concussion and injuries to the mouth and jaw joints. Sports like rugby league, rugby union, the American Football League, and hockey are “no brainers” since hard contact goes hand and hand with the sport. Dental trauma is often caused by contact sports, such as football, volleyball, basketball, and soccer, when a collision might happen accidentally.

How a Mouthguard Works

An athletic mouthguard is placed over the upper teeth during contact sports. A mouthguard forms an impact-resistant barrier between the teeth. There will be a reduced chance of losing a tooth if the wearer is ever tackled on the football field or punched in the boxing ring. A mouthguard should be tear-resistant and able to withstand concentrated force. The mouthguard should not restrict the wearer’s ability to talk or breathe.

The Use of Mouthguards Can Prevent Tooth Displacement

Wearing a sports mouthguard may protect teeth by spreading the impact of a hard blow across your mouth, preventing any one tooth from taking the full brunt of the blow. An extruded or partly dislodged tooth might arise after a blow to the head or face, although they are easier to cure than fractured or even missing teeth. If your kid has pain like this, give them an analgesic, place a cold compress over the outside of their mouth or the afflicted cheek, and take them as quickly as possible to the dentist!

Mouthguards Can Prevent Teeth from Being Knocked Out

Nobody likes to have a tooth knocked out, but when it does occur, it’s especially worse if you or your kid wasn’t using a mouthguard while participating in sports. However, if you act immediately, it’s possible to preserve your tooth. The best chance of survival for a tooth is when it is put back in its socket and treated by a dentist within five to ten minutes after being knocked out. Prompt intervention may also avoid irreparable harm.

Mouthguards Can Help Prevent Soft Tissue Damage

Direct trauma to the mouth may sometimes result in cuts, bruises, or grazes to the cheeks, lips, and gums, which often cause significant bleeding. Dental mouthguards may lessen soft tissue damage by helping to hide the teeth’s sharp edges.

Jaw Fractures May be Prevented Using Mouthguards.

When someone takes a hit to the head, their teeth jostle a lot against one another, and without a sports mouthguard, there isn’t much room for flexibility, those who have had a broken jaw sometimes need serious surgery and months of therapy.

By helping to absorb and disperse the impact, mouth protection functions as cushioning for your teeth, head, and jaw. Without it, you run the risk of suffering a serious mouth or jaw injury, maybe even a concussion. With jaw fractures, there aren’t really any fast fixes; it really comes down to being persistent about wearing a sports mouthguard. Because, as the adage goes, prevention is always preferable than treatment!

All of your teeth will be covered and safeguarded by a properly fitting mouthguard, which will also cushion the jaw and provide plenty of space between the top and bottom sets of teeth. Your teeth won’t be forced together on contact thanks to the increased space and padding, and frontal strikes will be absorbed to lessen the chance of teeth being knocked out. A mouthguard will aid in preventing a dental injury that might result in long-term harm if you or your kids intend to participate in a contact sport.

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