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How to Prepare Children for Getting Braces


Some young children look forward to getting braces, almost as a common practice. However, some children are less certain about their orthodontic therapy. Consequently, in this situation, you should begin preparing your youngster for braces and aiding them in becoming comfortable with the procedure.

Your children’s dentist could advise beginning their orthodontic therapy after they have lost all of their primary or “baby” teeth. As early as 7 or 8 years old, children may begin therapy with braces. When a child is so young, it’s possible that they don’t understand why they need braces, so it’s crucial that their parents explain the process of getting braces fitted and the advantages of undergoing therapy. The information on this blog should assist you in assisting your youngster in accepting the notion of wearing braces.

Treatment Choices

When discussing treatment choices with your orthodontist, you as a parent may have questions, but your child probably has a lot more. Asking them to write out a list of questions they have for the orthodontist is a wonderful approach to engage them. Less unsolved questions equate to less tension and concern.

If your youngster is anxious about the big day, that is natural. While placing braces requires some time, it is a simple process. Your youngster may feel more at peace if you talk to them ahead about the procedures. Before applying the wire connecting them and wrapping the brackets in elastic bands, the brackets must first be cemented into place. Even the color of the bands may be chosen by your youngster!

Be Advised

Your child’s teeth may undoubtedly feel painful for the first several days. Avoid meals that are crunchy or firm! Good options include spaghetti, mashed potatoes, and soup, which are softer or more liquid. Ice cream and yogurt are both colder meals that are beneficial since they may aid with soreness.

Your youngster should be warned. They still need to eat even if they are in pain for a few days. Additionally, make them aware that they must modify their diet while receiving therapy. If your child is not accustomed to eating soft foods, they should be given proper advice as to why they need to stick to a diet plan. 

Challenges to Consider

With braces, brushing and flossing are more challenging. Good cleaning practices are essential since food likes to lurk in any and all nooks and crannies. A wonderful place to start is switching to an electric toothbrush. There are specific brushes that can reach between the wires and brackets. Additionally, floss picks may aid with those very back teeth and prevent finger piercings from brackets and wires.

On the inside of the lips, brackets can irritate or lead to ulcers. Another frequent problem is wires at the rear teeth sticking into the lips or cheeks. Braces wax, often known as orthodontic wax, is a relatively simple fix. Apply the wax to anything that is irritating or poking by rolling it between your fingers to shape it and then apply. Your orthodontist will supply you with an ample supply of wax.

Remind your child that after treatment is complete and the braces are removed, they will have a straight, appealing smile. Look at some before-and-after pictures that demonstrate the striking difference braces can make online or on our website.

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